SACWA fix software and hardware issues with Servers, PC’s, Laptops & Notebooks. We troubleshoot and fix system problems, replace failed parts and also fix physical damaged systems with cracked LCD’s and broken Keyboards.


A hardware upgrade involves SACWA removing old hardware and replacing it with new hardware for desired benefits.

Such As:

  • Performance increases
  • Capacity increases
  • Software requirements
  • Compatibility reasons
  • Improved Functionality
  • Improved Reliability


Thermal conductivity of liquid water is roughly 25 times that of air, giving liquid cooling a huge advantage in heat transfer over air-cooling.


A slow computer or server can turn an efficient work environment into a slow, frustrating nightmare. SACWA can identify a problem process and solve such a issue from slowing down your system.


Dust has the ability to conduct electricity and insulate heat, posing a threat of short-circuit, overheating, even fire. Ask SACWA for a regular Service & Clean!


SACWA setup your iPhone and services then guide you through the steps that you’ll find most useful when using your iPhone. We also assist you with the more advanced features of your iPhone.


Years of work, photos, records and data can be lost in a blink of an eye. There are many commercial backup utilities on the market that provide full automation for backup and restoration of your system if the hard drive fails or data is deleted accidently or by a virus. SACWA  can choose a solution that is right for you and teach you how to monitor and restore backups.


Increase the voltage and speed of particular components to produce improvements in performance, sometimes as much as 50 to 100% increase.


SSDs are the ultimate way to feel the difference in your everyday computer tasks! Whether you want an old computer to run faster or are trying to maximize the potential of a new computer. SSD provides amazing benefits over traditional hard drives.


Your whole identity including bank details, bills, peronal information can be stollen and used if someone has access to your PC. Have SACWA advise you on an encryption solution today!


 SACWA offer a mobile specialized “Manual Data Migration Service” to transfer all your files and settings from your old computer to the new one. Whether you’re using Windows a Server or a Mac, SACWA can copy all of your data.


SACWA use a “specialized process” to modify and copy an existing Windows installation to work on a machine with Different “or” Newer Hardware than the original system.


A Virus created today will not be detected untill your Anti-Virus software is updated to do so. SACWA can remove your virus and discuss and assist what options is best for you. We also provide solutions to prevent or recover from future infections.


SACWA work closely with the customer, to design a site that is attractive to the eye and efficient in representing your company and products.


 SACWA Web Designing 


SACWA assess your data loss situation to determine the best and most cost-effective data recovery solution. 


Whether you’re having trouble setting up ADSL or WIFI, would like a VOIP configuration to save money on calls, or require a printer, scanner, fax or server SACWA can assist your needs!

Home Theatre Setup

SACWA assist wtih setup of new LCD, Plasma, DVD, Blu-Ray, Foxtel and Digital TV Systems.