New Computers

 SACWA build new computers the way you want, with the accessories you desire.

Energy Efficient PC’s

 SACWA lower-energy, more efficient computers designed with selected Energy Efficient Components.


SACWA Home theatre personal computer’s combine the benefits of a computer and theatre system into one integrated machine.

Windows Servers

Every company, no matter how small, needs a server. Provide shared access to files, central email and collaborations. Control who has access to network through user names.

New Samsung TV’s

 SACWA supply and install over 200 models of Samsung LCD, LED and Plasma TV’s. Samsung feature smart innovative design, local warranty and high build quality standards.

Gaming PC’s

 SACWA Gaming PC’s are built with high quality components and designed for high airflow and efficient cooling.

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 Perth Gaming Computers 

Video Surveillance

Having SACWA video surveillance can allow you to monitor your business, home, staff, while helping ensure the safety of people and security of valuables.

Print – Scan – Fax Solutions

A SACWA networked multifunction printer (MFP) can offer the following benefits: Lower Total Cost, Increased productivity, Enhanced functionality , Cheaper Easier Maintenance.

Hosting Solutions

 SACWA will setup and teach you how to use hosting solutions for E-Mail, Communication, search engine presence and representing your company online.